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Carole Lago Custom Flo-saic  Designs

Flo-saic™ Glass Art -

         A World of Color and Light


My pieces are all handmade by me in my home studio. Each piece of glass is cut and placed on a base of glass or mirror, representing a vision of fluidity of motion in colors as transferred onto a base surface. They transport you to a place where colors explode and, yet, calm the mind. Direction and intensity of light are reflected on the pieces in ever changing compositions of color and form.

I named this unique process “flo-saic™” glass art, melding the fluid and mosaic qualities of my pieces. The compositions come alive with light, whether in sun, or incandescent reflections. These patterns are composed in laying down small pieces of glass, mirrors, and in some pieces, even small beads or cabochons.

Frames are re-purposed, re-used and re-loved for this medium, as are my serving trays, trivets, and even window frames. Recycling is a very large part of my art. What does that mean? Simply - All of my designs are original and one of a kind.  When a work is completed, an acrylic sealer is applied on the surface to preserve the piece and protect against any rough edges.​ 

​My art evolved as a self-therapy of sorts while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. It provided an outlet that transported me from a self-pity mentality to a place of beauty.  The ability to create beauty and light during what could have been a very dark time had given me an abundance of peace and comfort. I hope my pieces bring you as much.

Custom color palates are very happily accommodated. Please contact me with your ideas or gift concerns, and I will transform them into beautiful and unique art pieces to grace your home.

Fire & Ice
11.75 square
Transom window
glass box
blue rim tray
White box to treasure
Cuff Links
Shield Pendant
Orange/Gold Pendant & Earrings
Oval Pendant
Rectangular Pendant

The photos displayed here - sold and available works - are for your viewing pleasure. They are here to inspire you in creating your own personal look.
Whether for yourself or as a gift for a bride, anniversary, or loved one, your Flo-saic™ design will not only promise to surprise and delight, but will be enjoyed for years to come. 
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